Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adrienne's New Blog Banner

My good friend and blogger buddy Adrienne of Adrienne's Corner mentioned that her blog banner was bit plain, and someday she would spruce it up.  I asked if I could do it for her, and whipped up a new blog banner.  It's simple, but she liked it and it is in place there now.  Go see!

I think a blog banner should express the essence of who you (the blogger) are and what you are all about.  Adrienne's slogan is "Still Catholic, Still Conservative," so I wanted to express that in her banner.

She also likes flowers and grows them in her garden.  So I put a simple floral design on the left of the banner, and a stained glass window (with a cross) on the right, to signify her Catholic faith.  Still it lacked something, but then it dawned on me:  stained glass windows are glorious when emitting light.  I added a blue glow to represent sunlight.  Now the window emitting light symbolizes Adrienne's blog, which emits the warm and vibrant light of truth and of faith.

I am just so sensitive I can hardly stand it.

I love that blue glow, though -- it immediately draws the eye to the stained glass window and the cross, telling the subconscious, "this is the essence of Adrienne."

Now, for your blog, who are you?  What values do you hold most dear?  What message do you want to convey?  What symbols, pictures and graphics most closely convey your essence?

Think about it.  Contact me if you want to toss around some ideas.


Maggie @ Maggie's Notebook said...

Stogie, Adrienne's new banner is beautiful and certainly express her writing. She appreciates the beauty around her, but has a flair for getting to the bottom-line of important issues with her spiritual backbone entirely intact. She does, indeed, emit warmth, truth and faith. You did a great job!

Stogie Chomper said...

Maggie, thanks so much! Means a lot coming from you.

Adrienne said...

Oh good grief! so. embarrassed. That's an awful lot to live up to. I might have to start watching my language. Arrrrrrrrrgh!

Stogie Chomper said...

Nah, we like you just the way you know, spicy woman!

Carol-Christian Soldier said...

Did no know that you were an artist as well as a musician (artist)--
Adrienne's new banner is lovely ..