Sunday, June 10, 2012

Who Is Brett Kimberlin? These Videos Explain.

It is time for all conservatives and conservative bloggers to stand firmly and fearlessly against the vicious tactics of Brett Kimberlin. In order to understand who Brett Kimberlin is, and what he has done and is doing, watch the videos below and refer your friends to them. As Glenn Beck says, "light is the best disinfectant," and we will continue to shed light on Brett Kimberlin and his nefarious deeds, his financing sources, his non-profit organizations and his allies, as long as necessary.

 Most recent television news coverage of the Kimberlin Saga:

 Short video describing the crimes of Brett Kimberlin:

Glenn Beck discusses Kimberlin's attack on blogger Aaron Walker. (Aaron Walker linked to Saber Point's Twitter account this morning and is now following this blog, and vice versa):

Blogger Patrick Frey, of "Patterico's Pontificatins" discusses Brett Kimberlin's attacks with Glenn Beck:

Finally, a video explaining Kimberlin's attempt to frame blogger Aaron Walker for a criminal act. A security camera disproved Kimberlin's false accusations and the charges were dropped, but the police refused to take action against Kimberlin for perjury and malicious prosecution.


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