Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stogie Gets Last Laugh on Steve Benson

Steve Benson is a leftist cartoonist for the Arizona Republic.  A while back he really annoyed me by posting a cartoon of Sarah Palin with a revolver for a mouth.  He was perpetuating the Democrat constructed myth that Jared Loughner was inspired by Palin's "target map" into shooting Gabrielle Giffords. If Loughner was inspired by anything to do the deed, it was from the prevalent Democrat propaganda about the campaign map (including statements by Giffords herself), not the map itself.

In any case, I answered Benson with a cartoon of my own, depicting him with vampire teeth and a serpent's tongue.  He later contacted me about my depiction and we had it out.  See the cartoon and our exchange here.

Tonight I see several hits on that post, so I googled Steve Benson's name to see that he was okay.  I was afraid that maybe he came to some misfortune, causing people to google his name and finding a link to my post.  (Steve can be a nice guy, and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him.  Well, maybe getting fired, but that's not going to happen.  No not even getting fired.  I believe in free speech, even for those who disagree with me.)

There was nothing bad about Benson in the news, to my relief.  However, I was amused to see that Google's illustration of who he is (above, left), was accompanied by my cartoon depiction of him, not a serious image.  I imagine this was just a mistake on Google's part.  In any case, I get the last laugh, Steve Benson!


repsac3 said...

Judging by the initial exchange between the two of you, I'd guess Steve would be more amused about it than you are, even... ...just like he was when you first posted your photoshop.

Stogie Chomper said...

Repsac3, you may be right.

Craigxvxk said...

Repsac3, you may be right.