Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roller Blog, the New Contact Sport

This past week has made me aware that blogging isn't the gentle hobby I once believed it to be.  Even fairly unknown bloggers can become targets of very angry people.  They can be sued, slandered, even put in jail for simply expressing their opinion (like Adam Walker).  Blogging has become a contact sport.  I call it Roller Blog.  The object (at least for lefty players) is to get your views heard while suppressing those of your opponent.

The left is increasingly desperate and ruthless.  For decades they owned a monopoly on news and information; with the growth of the internet, conservatives have a growing voice in the national debate, and it is making a difference.

Liberals are losing it...and they're pissed.

I am becoming more aware of the Roller Blog players.  Neal Rauhauser, Jay Leiderman, Nadia Naffe, Ron Brynaert on the left. Mandy Nagy, John Patrick Frey, Mike Stack, Lee Stranhan on the right.  These folks were unknown to me until this past week.

One thing is clear:  the left is dangerous, hate-filled, devoid of ethics and utterly ruthless.  They not only want to refute conservatives, they want to ruin them, hurt them, destroy their reputations and livelihoods, humiliate them, and even cause great bodily harm or even to kill them (thus the new tactic of SWAT-ing).

Considering the above, it makes sense that the more ardent "progressives" are willing to get into bed with a violent felon and pathological liar, as long as he believes in their politics.


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