Saturday, June 16, 2012

Robert Stacy McCain Reconsidered: Leads Courageous Fight Against Brett Kimberlin Crowd

Robert Stacy McCain
Let's be honest: some time ago I took R.S. McCain to task for supporting Pamela Geller's erroneous and damaging assertion that the English Defence League was "fascist." It isn't, and Geller's reckless claim was roundly condemned by the right blogosphere. I felt that McCain's acceptance of Geller's word at face value betrayed the objectivity that a professional journalist should retain, particularly when reputations are at stake. Further, I was appalled that he would cite the murderous rampage of Anders Breivik as proof that Geller was right...except that Breivik wasn't a member of the English Defence League and nothing that organization has done, said or published could rationally associate them with a psychopath. I do not retract nor do I apologize for the stand I took, which was an ethical stand based on the facts.

I support conservatives when they are right, and McCain is right 90% of the time. I will be no one's ass-kisser.  He was wrong regarding the English Defence League.  That's now all in the past and largely forgotten.  Far more important is what McCain is doing now.
McCain's latest project and stance against the Brett Kimberlin crowd is right, honorable and courageous.

We are all really indebted to Robert Stacy McCain for leading the charge against the lying, law-faring and larcenous liberals of the Kimberlin Clan. The story of Brett Kimberlin, his organizations, tactics and allies is a complex tale of villainy, difficult to understand. McCain's recent series of posts has explained the convoluted tale, described the players and how they relate to one another, the organizations they represent, and the people they have victimized. His posts contain a lot of the backstory that bring insight into the sorry saga.

In war, the guys leading the charge are said to be "riding the point," as in the point of the spear, as it penetrates into enemy territory. The soldiers riding point are in a very dangerous but necessary position. McCain has been "riding point" for all of us who are concerned with ruthless harassment and intimidation of conservative bloggers. While many would not wish to expose themselves to the danger, McCain has been fearless in the face of evil.

R.S McCain, once he focuses on a problem, will attack it head-on, even when doing so is dangerous to himself. Not only does he make himself a possible target of SWAT-ing, but also to "lawfare," the leftists' filing of lawsuits to punish their detractors. These suits are time-consuming, expensive to defend, and waste a lot of a person's time (which is why they are filed).

McCain has had to relocate recently to protect his family from Kimberlin & operatives, and needs cash to get his family resettled. Yesterday I sent $100 to R.S. McCain to help in a small way.

I hope all who read this will consider donating also, to The Other McCain. Go there and hit the tip jar. Give what you can, every little bit helps.


Always On Watch said...

He's on the front lines with this, all right.

We need more people to take the risk of standing up for freedom of the press (the Internet press, that is).

Cheryl said...

Geller, like Debbie Schlussel is not mentally all there. Michelle Malkin is starting to become like that too.