Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Scott Walker Victory and Progressive Reaction

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin defeated the leftist attempt to remove him from office.  He won the recall election, leaving public sector unions holding the bill for the $21 million they wasted on the attempt.

Liberals and leftists immediately launched a flurry of death threats on Twitter, Ed Schultz, a very liberal TV talk host on MSNBC, had tears in his eyes as he opined that Governor Walker "could very well be indicted in the coming days."  Indicted for what? Schultz didn't say.  Apparently, it is illegal in Schultzville to defeat Democrats in elections.

Rachel Maddow was visibly dejected and depressed but did her best to hide it.

When Walker's Democrat opponent Tom Barrett conceded the race last night, an enraged woman slapped him in the face.  Apparently Barrett didn't understand that denial of reality makes reality go away.

A Democrat interviewed on camera was sobbing like a little girl, claiming "Democracy died tonight" in the Walker campaign.

IT IS UTTERLY AMAZING to me how many Americans live in fantasy land.  They want free goodies and have an enormous sense of entitlement.  The world owes them a living and the government is their collection agency.  The only factors that decide how much a person is paid are (1) what he needs and (2) what he wants. His needs and and wants must be supplied by the government.  There is no concept in his juvenile brain of getting paid what he is worth in the free market.  There is no connection between personal productivity and reward.

Yesterday's vote in Wisconsin shows that more and more people are beginning to "get it."

Welcome to Realville.

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