Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Eco-Tyranny" by Brian Sussman: Major Goals of the Left in Exploiting Environmental Issues

Brian Sussman
Brian Sussman, a very good guy in the San Francisco Bay Area, has written a new book on climate change and the global warming hoax.  His first book was "Climategate," a useful tome for putting the whole controversy into perspective and rebutting the alarmist claims and arguments.

"Eco-Tyranny:  How the Left's Green Agenda Will Dismantle America" goes further and delves into the left's use of environmentalism to construct massive wealth-redistribution schemes, to weaken or even destroy property rights, undermine the sovereignty of the United States, and justify massive power grabs by the federal government.

Sussman's book is helping me to better understand the long-held goals and strategies of the radical left, and I will soon write an article that lists them and explains them.  In a nutshell, however, those goals are (1) a one-world government where all countries are taxed and regulated by an international order, and (2) massive wealth redistribution from the industrialized nations to the underdeveloped ones, and massive wealth redistribution within nations from rich to poor.

In other words, the perennial goal of the left is international socialism.  Environmental issues are just the excuse, the rationalization, the Shtick, the latest scheme by which socialism is to be accomplished.

These goals, if realized, will mean that Americans will experience a major reduction in their standard of living, and will be forced to live the lifestyle beloved by the left:  smaller families, smaller homes, fewer modern conveniences, less personal choice, fewer opportunities.

Brian has a climate website here.


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By the way, Sussman is a devout Christian.