Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crazies Try to Frame Patterico, SWAT Walker

Patterico received a comment on his blog that seemed to support direct or even violent action against Kimberlin and his Krazies.  Then, woe and behold, Patterico himself commented (on his own blog) saying that, oh yeah, that's a good idea and let's go one step further, etc.

However, both comments were from the same person (not Patterico), as both had the same IP address.  The obvious purpose of the comments was to provide something for Kimberlin to screenshot before Patterico could take it down.  Now Kimberlin has some great material for framing Patterico!  But no, he doesn't, because of the IP addresses that prove the comments were fraudulent, a transparent attempt to frame Patterico as one supporting "violence" against Krazy Kimberlin.

Lots of really nasty tactics from these creeps.  A day or so after Aaron Walker won his motion against Brett Kimberlin, Walker was SWATed, i.e., someone made a false call to the police pretending to be Walker, saying that he had shot his wife (the usual SWATing story).  Two cops showed up at Walker's house with weapons in hand.

It's only a matter of time.  Our blogger leaders will get these creeps, and they will do it ethically and legally, working through law enforcement and the courts.

To the SWATer punks, to the "Gaped Crusader," to the lawfare louses, we on the right are not backing down.  With any luck and a little justice, there will a nice small prison cell in your future.

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