Sunday, June 03, 2012

Fantasy Islam vs. Real Islam (from the Brussels Journal)

Oh Yes, Let's Import a Few Million More Like This
There is a great article at the Brussels Journal today Fantasy Islam vs Real Islam.  It discusses the questions that an interviewer posed to Geert Wilders and then analyzes the assumptions and premises behind those questions.

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician who truly understands Islam and why it should be kept out of the West.  He is hated, not only by Muslims, but by liberals and leftists who, like the barbarians they protect, are the sworn enemies of western civilization.

Not surprisingly, Wilders has been marked for murder by various Islamic leaders for telling the unpleasant truth about their totalitairan, despotic ideology.  He has been shunned, insulted and opposed by the liberals and leftists whose Islamic illusions he has disabused.

The Brussels article describes the argument today between Real Islam and Fantasy Islam.  Real Islam is the kind that wants to replace western democracy with Islamic sharia law, where gays are hanged and adulteresses stoned and thieves have their hands sawed off in the public square.  Fantasy Islam is one that portrays the religion as very tolerant (at least in centuries past) and seeks to deflect criticisms of it through "moral equivalency" arguments.  In the past, they say, the Jews and the Catholics invaded other nations or peoples and forced their religion on them, so Islam is no worse or no different.

Such arguments are really self-destructive and irrelevant.  Neither Cathrolics nor Jews are invading anyone today, nor quoting their religious texts as justification, and they most certainly are not flying planes into skyscrapers, machine gunning people in train stations, planting bombs on subway trains or murdering school children.  Muslims are doing (or have recently done) all of those things -- not in spite of their religion, but because of it.

The proponents of Fantasy Islam should ask themselves, when the Real Islam shows up and slices off your head, will you be any less dead?  Will you accept your own death more willingly knowing that, in centuries past, Jews and Catholics probably murdered someone too?


Old Rebel said...

But America is a land of immigrants. Our diversity is our strength.
If you don't approve of _____ then you're a _____ophobic.

As stupid as the above statements are, they will nevertheless be used to justify importing millions more Muslims, Somalis, an MS-13 recruits.

Stogie said...

You said it OR.