Saturday, June 09, 2012

R.S. McCain ("The Other McCain") Achieves Ten Million Hits

Robert Stacy McCain's blog, "The Other McCain," achieved Ten Million Hits today.  That clearly places "The Other McCain" into the pantheon of greatest conservative blogs.

McCain has shown himself to be skilled at organization and delegation, as the success of his blog rests partially on the work of capable volunteers, primarily his right hand man, Smitty.  This has freed McCain to work on "shoe leather" reporting, visiting people and places to get breaking news stories from the source, and to provide original reporting of same, often with photos and videos.

McCain, an experienced professional journalist, has run his blog like a small newspaper, with him as the star reporter.  McCain has appeared at many critical political events (most recently some of the "Occupy Wall Street" protests) and interviewed people at the scene, including some well known personalities like Todd Palin and Andrew Breitbart.

Achieving even one million hits on one's blog is no easy feat.  Saber Point is finally approaching one million hits (right now, 982,396, as recorded by StatCounter, my oldest recording tool).  And, it only took six years!  I think McCain first achieved that mark in less than a year.

Congratulations to Robert Stacy McCain.

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