Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Dressing in Drag Sure is Swell

Corporal Klinger and Don't Ask, Don't Tell
The TV sitcom MASH was popular some years ago.  It was about an army field hospital during the Korean war.  One of the soldiers there was Corporal Maxwell Klinger, who desperately wanted out of the army.  So desperate in fact, that he regularly dressed in female garb to prove that he was either crazy or gay.  No doubt Corporal Klinger would disapprove of ending DADT, as that would make his strange behavior acceptable and lessen his chances for a Section 8 discharge.

Tomorrow Congress will vote on reversing the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) policy of military recruiting.  Under this policy, the military would not object to gay soldiers so long as they kept their sexual orientation to themselves.  So what happens if DADT is reversed?  For one thing, openly gay men and women can now serve in the military.  What are the ramifications of that?

No doubt most gays would probably not abuse their new privileges, but I fear the radicals who delight in rubbing their gayness under the noses of the greater society.  I remember once, a bank employee in San Francisco, a gay male, like to show up for work dressed as a woman (though it was obvious he was a male). The bank fired him over it and he sued the bank for discrimination.  I think he won.

Will this kind of behavior now be used to deliberately demoralize the majority serving in our armed services?

If so, I have no doubt the Democrats will insist on a compromise, allowing gay men to dress in WAC uniforms if they so desire.  After all, it if it's bad for America, the Dems will be all for it.


commoncents said...

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A "bitter Klinger" if ever I saw one!

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A "bitter Klinger" if ever I saw one!