Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thirty Years Have Passed Since John Lennon's Death (Video)

John Lennon Signs Autograph For His Killer,
Mark David Chapman, on December 8, 1980
December 8, 2010 -- this coming Wednesday -- will mark the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death at the hands of a crazed fan.  Yes, John Lennon was a kook politically, but a musical genius and a great rock musician.  I was and continue to be a fan.  His loss to music was incalculable, the injustice of it maddening.

Early in the day of December 8, 1980, Lennon had signed an autograph for his killer (see picture), a warped piece of human excrement named Mark David Chapman.  Chapman had purchased a hand gun from a pawn shop and was stalking Lennon outside his New York apartment complex, the Dakota.  Later that evening, when Lennon returned from a recording session, Chapman was still there outside the Dakota.  He then pulled his gun and fired five shots: three hit Lennon in the chest, and one hit his left shoulder.

Mark David Chapman was obviously insane, but opted to drop the insanity defense and plead guilty. He received a prison sentence of 20 years to life, but has never been released.  Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, has opposed all of Chapman's parole hearings and parole has been denied to Chapman six times.  Personally, I hope the sick bastard never gets out of jail.

Mark David Chapman was a fan of John  Lennon.  So why did he murder Lennon?  I remember reading the opinions of psychiatrists shortly after Lennon's death.  One said that by killing Lennon, Chapman sought to own Lennon, to forever link his name with that of his hero.

Read more at the UK Daily Mail here and at the UK Guardian here.


Stogie Jr said...

I remember that day. I was getting blow drying my hair and had the stereo turned on to the local rock station and they announced it. You an mom had already left for work. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the day Elvis died also.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


Stogie said...

"James" I have received an identical word-for-word comment from two other commenters on two different posts.

It is obvious that your message is false and insincere, but what are you trying to accomplish with this?

JoeBob said...

I suspect that "James" is your distant cousin from Nigeria. If it turns out that you have won $10mil in the Nigerian Lottery, and he tells you that you only need to wire him $10,000 immediately so that he can claim the prize for you, don't do it, it is a trick!

Send me the money instead, I'll take care of it. :)

Stogie said...

JoeBob, I think you are getting close to the truth here. It is some kind of scammer gambit, though I haven't figured out yet just how it works.

kate said...

Bonsoir Stogie, si horrible ,si triste cette affaire ...Ce crime était prémédité , l'assassin devrait rester en prison jusqu'à la fin de sa vie .

Stogie said...

Kate says that this was a horrible and sad event, a premeditated crime, and that the assassin should remain in prison for the rest of his life.

Stogie: I agree Kate.

Anonymous said...

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