Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feminisim: Ugly Lesbians Who Hate Men?

She Needn't Worry
Robert Stacy McCain is fighting with a feminist today, who swears that McCain is "a misogynist through and through."  There is nothing in McCain's blog that would support the fiction that he is a woman-hater, but facts don't matter to the political-fringe group known as feminists.

The truth is largely this:  feminists hate men and seek to make it mutual.  Their constant clamor about misogyny is just so much psychological projection, a transfer of their own attitudes onto the opposite gender whom they despise.

Years ago, early in my career, I was invited by a female colleague to see a one-woman play in San Francisco about Virgina Woolf.  Woolf is a feminist icon and author who committed suicide sometime around the beginning of World War II.  I was young and very naive.  I figured that feminism must have legitimate complaints about, and solutions to, unfair discrimination against women.  However, the NOW members who attended this one-woman play were generally lesbians who hated men, and that became obvious to me by the end of the play.  From that day forth I discounted feminism and wished nothing more to do with it.


Pat H. said...

I think a little application of Rule 762 is appropriate here.

Stogie said...

Pat, you intrigue me. What is Rule 762?

Stogie said...

they are so very pathetic looking anyway, no great loss there.

Stogie said...

Very Scarey looking anyway. Gross.