Friday, December 17, 2010

Kooky Californians Cap Corps, Creating Chaos

Rick Moran at American Thinker explores the eco-fanaticism occurring in the Land of Fruits and Nuts (California to the uninitiated). The state's "cap and trade" law will suppress economic activity even more as California seeks honorary status into the Third World. Rick writes:
California's Air Resources Board passed a cap and trade regulation for the state's top 600 industrial facilities that will almost certainly bring economic activity in the state to a near standstill.
Of course, state bureaucrats claim that this job-killing law will actually "create new jobs" in "green energy."  Whoopee!  And if we eliminate bulldozers from  clearing roads, we will "create new jobs" in shovel production.

Moran concludes with these salient points:

Cutting emissions by 15% in 8 years is economic suicide. There's no other way to say it. The federal cap and trade law was designed to cut a similar percentage of emissions but spread out over more than twice the time span. Many economists predicted a potential loss of GDP for the federal law of 3-5%. Can you imagine the devastation the California regulations will wreak on business?

It's like the California government is telling the people to pack up and leave, that there will be little opportunity in the former Golden State. 
Read it all here.

Brian  Sussman on KSFO radio said that liberals are seeking to "de-develop" California with this law.  "De-development" is the leftist notion that we must close industry in the industrialized world and move it to underdeveloped nations so they can "catch up" economically.  The notion is as extreme as anything Marxism ever devised:  that millions in the west must suffer severe economic destruction and impoverishment so that the Third World can improve.  Basically, the de-development idea is born of the left's irrational hatred of economic activity and prosperity and their total ignorance of economics.


Always On Watch said...

What the hell is California doing? Isn't the economy there already in the dumper? Sheesh.

Stogie said...

AOW, remember, they're Californians! Heads squarely up their nether regions.

On November 2nd there was a proposition on the ballot to delay this awful "cap and trade" bill for five years (when hopefully the economy will be better). I voted for it but the majority voted against it.

Fools! Idiots!

Stogie Jr said...

Can't give back California to Mexico until it's has the same status as a third world country. If I wake up tomorrow and read California has fallen into the ocean .....I won't even shed a tear!

Stogie said...

Jr,where have you been?

At least if California falls into the ocean it will take a lot of liberals with it!