Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Left's Deadly Gradualism: Erasing Western Civilization, Bit by Bit

The left's war on Christmas continues.  Since Christmas is an important cultural event that underpins Western Civilization, it must be removed.  The left is patient.  They are determined to erase Western Civilization in a scenario of death by a thousand cuts.  They are boiling the frog by turning up the heat one degree at a time, and we are letting them do it.  Usurpation by gradualism; two steps forward and one step back; transform traditional America into something alien, but not too fast, lest you provoke a backlash or even a revolution.

Obama tried to accelerate the pace and it backfired on him; but the left isn't through by any means.  Obama's rejection is the "one step back;" the two steps forward will happen a little later.


kate said...

J'espère que tout redevienne normal chez vous dès le départ d'Obama ,car je vois que les choses deviennent comme chez nous ! En France cela devient granguignolesque ! Nous résistons , mais de plus en plus "Joyeux Noel" est remplacé par Bonnes fetes ,les crèches doivent disparaitres , les sapins sont encores là mais ... Quel Monde ... mais il ne faut pas céder !

Always On Watch said...

Battlefield High School has a lot more to worry about than a bunch of candy canes. The school has a very active drug market up and running.

Stogie said...

Kate says: I hope everything in the U.S. will become normal again after Obama departs, because I see you [Americans] becoming more like us [French]. In France it is becoming a horror show. We resist, but more and more "Merry Christmas" is being replaced by "Happy Holidays," the manger scenes gone -- the Christmas trees are still there, but...what a world...but we cannot give up.