Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Backlash Against the "Global Warming" Alarmists

Disgust among the populace seems to be growing as AGW alarmists blame the freezing weather on "global warming."  There's a new article on the subject in Forbes today, "Hot Sensations vs Cold Facts" by Larry Bell.  According to Bell, some of the claims of melting icebergs and rising sea levels are not based on actual observation, but on the notorious computer models that have proven highly dubious.

With the right "computer model," one could "prove" that the sky is falling.  It's all in the programming and the assumptions fed into it.  However, any contrary news that seems to rebut global warming is ignored by the mainstream press.  Bell writes:
As 2010 draws to a close, do you remember hearing any good news from the mainstream media about climate? Like maybe a headline proclaiming "Record Low 2009 and 2010 Cyclonic Activity Reported: Global Warming Theorists Perplexed"? Or "NASA Studies Report Oceans Entering New Cooling Phase: Alarmists Fear Climate Science Budgets in Peril"? Or even anything bad that isn't blamed on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming--of course other than what is attributed to George W. Bush? (Conveniently, the term "AGW" covers both.)
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Meanwhile, a British meteorologist and global warming skeptic, one Piers Corbyn, went on Fox News to claim that more brutal winters are coming.  Corbyn denounced the "failed science" of global warming and says the earth is actually in a cooling phase.  An article in Mediaite states:
Predicting in November that winter in Europe would be “exceptionally cold and snowy, like Hell frozen over at times,” Corbyn suggested we should sooner prepare for another Ice Age than worry about global warming. Corbyn believed global warming “is complete nonsense, it’s fiction, it comes from a cult ideology. There’s no science in there, no facts to back [it] up.” Furthermore, he disputed the underlying assumption of most scientists, arguing that higher carbon dioxide levels does not actually have the effect of increasing temperature, and instead global warming supporters “fiddle the facts to justify political attacks.”
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