Friday, December 17, 2010

The Three Types of Global Warming Ideologues

In my spare time I like to poke libs in the ribs with the sharp stick of truth.  In a U.K. Independent article online, I rebutted two of the article's key premises, i.e. "the rapid loss of arctic sea ice" and the "declining polar bear population."  I finally attracted the attention of an airhead liberal who asks me a question, and I reply with a question of my own.

  • I have decided that there are basically two types of global warming denier: Those who are one light bulb short, such as Sarah Palin, and those with vested interests in the petrochemical industry.

    Which are you?
  • I've decided that there are three types of global warming ideologues: (1) an arrogant punk who has been brainwashed in leftist political ideology and imagines he actually knows something when he is basically ignorant; (2) a "global warming" researcher who is getting millions of dollars in grants and must maintain the fiction so he can keep getting the unearned moola, and (3) a leftist politician who sees the scam as a means to gaining unprecedented power over industry and individuals, of redistributing wealth from the productive to the non-productive and basically accomplishing Marxism by other means.

    Which are you? I suspect you would fall into the number 1 category.


Shannon said...

Love your rebuttal.

Stogie said...

Thanks. Chrissie, the liberal in this post, has stopped trying to debate me in any public forum, so now he's emailing me his personal insults. None of them have anything to do with global warming.

Shannon said...

I know a close relative of ours who loves to do the same thing.