Saturday, December 18, 2010

Freezing Weather is Proof of Global Warming. Also, Up is Down and Left is Right.

Viscount Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, a member of the British upper class, speaks common sense to the Global Warming eco-freaks for whom logic and common sense are non-entities.  Monckton attended the "Global Warming" conference in Cancun, in the middle of a historically cold winter and snowstorm, and was told he would be allowed to attend as long as he raised no points from the floor.  Only the true-believers of APG would be allowed to ask questions.

The Viscount writes:
The climate bugaboo, the strangest intellectual aberration of our age, rampages because in the me and now we have cast aside three once-universal forms of learning that gave us perspective: a Classical education, to remind us that in reason and logic there is a difference between true and false; a scientific education, to show us which is which; and a religious education, to teach us why the distinction matters.

With perspective, no one would waste a single second of his own time or a red cent of other people’s money trying, Canute-like, to make “global warming” go away.
Well said, Viscount!  I have been skirmishing with Global Warming eco-Marxists at a British online newspaper site, and their arguments consist of some combination of the following:
1.  You're not a scientist so you are not allowed to disagree.
2.  You're either stupid or a tool of the petrochemical industry.
3.  Facts in the books you've read that rebut global warming may not be considered because:
  • a.  The author is stupid
  • b.  The author is a tool of the petrochemical industry.
In no case are any facts presented by the warming true-believers, just a lot of ad hominem attacks and personal insults.  One gets the impression that a belief in man-made global warming is not so much a philosophy as it is a bad attitude.

Read all of Viscount Monckton's points here.

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