Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghost of Young Boy in North Carolina Inn? (Photo)

It's a slow news day.  ABC ran a film of an old North Carolina Inn where one of its employees took a picture of a dining room display.  When the photo was placed on Facebook, people began to remark that there seemed to be a ghost in the photo.  On the left side of the photo there appeared to be a transparent image of a young boy.

Here's a capture of the film:
Can you make out the "ghost" on the left side of the photo?

If not, see picture 2 beneath the fold where I outlined him.

More surprising to me is that no one seems to have noticed the ghostly face in the ice sculpture, at the bottom of the heart marked "Josie."  The face resembles that of George Washington.

Finally, the ghostly specter grinning from the ether on the right is a bit hard to see, but I used Photoshop to enhance the image so it is more visible.

See picture 2 below the fold where I circled the "face" in red and brought the right side specter into better view.  WARNING:  If you have a weak heart, please reconsider viewing these frightening images.  For the brave, click on "read more" below.

I outlined the boyish figure in white, circled the face in the ice in red, and increased the saturation level of the ghost on the right.

It should be noted that blurry images in photos can be interpreted by the mind as figures or faces, much as one can see figures or faces in random cloud formations.

It doesn't prove jack.  But it sure is fun to scare ourselves.  Do I believe in ghosts?  I am not totally convinced, but I have not totally discounted the possibility either.

I am somewhat troubled, however, by the ghostly image on the right in the photo.  How is it that no one noticed this image but me?  I suspect I may be a "sensitive," a medium or a psychic.  That's "psychic," not psycho, thank you very much.


Always On Watch said...

The faint image does appear to have a boy's face, albeit a hazy face.

Stogie said...

AOW, yes, I see it too.

kate said...

C'est troublant en effet ... j'adore tout ce qui est ésotérique Stogie ! D'ailleurs hier soir ,pour le réveillon ,nous avons bien ri quand j'ai découvert le cadeau de mon fils ," Le Grimoire Enchanté ", ( de Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau),avec en titre " Mes Recettes de Sorcière "!

Stogie said...

Kate says:

It is an uncanny image...I love the mystical, Stogie! Moreover, yesterday evening, for Christmas Eve, we really laughed when I discovered that the gift from my son was "The Enchanted Book of Magic," with the caption "My Sorcery Recipes"!

Stogie: Kate, now that you have a book of sorcery, remind your son that he must behave or you will turn him into a frog! :)

kate said...

Bonjour Stogie , vous avez raison ! mais le plus amusant , c'est que quand il était petit , mon fils pensait que j'avais des pouvoirs .....(lol)!

Stogie said...

Kate says:
Hello Stogie, you're right! But even funnier, when he was little my son thought I had such powers! (lol)!