Thursday, December 22, 2011

Can You Pass The National History Test?

I stumbled on this page at "Good Education" online magazine (it appears to be quite liberal-biased).  However, they say this about American kids' proficiency in U.S. History:
When it comes to history, are you smarter than a fourth grader? The just-released results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress U.S. History 2010 Report Card show that of 30,000 students tested in 2010, only 20 percent of fourth graders, 17 percent of eighth graders, and 12 percent of seniors are proficient in American history. Federal officials celebrated a slight increase in scores for eighth graders since 2006, and scores for all grade levels are higher than they were in 1994, but only 2 percent of 12th graders correctly answered a question about Brown v. Board of Education, and only 9 percent of fourth graders could identify a photograph of Abraham Lincoln and give two reasons why he's important.
 They then give five questions each from the 4th, 8th and 12th grade tests.  I scored 100% on all of them, but then again, I graduated from the 12th grade some time ago so I should know these things.

Test yourself!  Answer the questions here.


The Griper said...

myself, i don't remember any questions being that easy back when we went to school, stogie.

Stogie said...

I thought the questions were pretty good -- not too easy but not too hard either.