Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Village Voice Expresses Sarcasm Against the Stogiemeister...Without Rebutting Him of Course

The leftwing rag, the Village Voice, has jumped into the Ron Paul fight, quoting rightwing sources that both attack and defend Ron Paul. Here's what they said about me:
Paul had his defenders. SaberPoint didn't see what was so racist about the racist comments in the Paul newsletters. "Paul stated that young black purse snatchers are unlikely to be caught because of their swiftness of foot," said SaberPoint. "However, Paul is right, black men do run faster than men of other races. This is a biological fact. It is the reason why blacks make up a disproportionate number of men in professional sports like basketball or football." (Now we're beginning to understand why Bell Curve fan Andrew Sullivan endorsed Paul.)
The Village Voice misrepresents my position, of course. First off, I have never endorsed Ron Paul.  Secondly, I argued that if unpleasant facts about race are true, then they cannot be "racist." Racism implies an irrational prejudice, and fear of black crime and violence is hardly irrational -- just as Ron Paul pointed out. Dinesh D'Souza in his 1995 book "The End of Racism" calls this fear "rational discrimination." D'Souza's book is also my source for the reality of other racial differences, like black mens' ability to run faster than those of other races.

Here is my comment and response to Village Voice (will they let my comments stand?):
Ah, the liberal position, so clearly explained herein, is that reality is racist, and therefore to be repudiated. Yes, I wrote that black men (in general) run faster than white people. However, they aren't good swimmers as their bones are too heavy. Remember a few years ago when our all-black Olympics track relay team beat Canada's all-black track relay team for the gold? Probably just a coincidence that the team didn't have any whites...or hispanics...or Asians. Don't blame me, blame God...or nature.

As far as the Bell Curve is concerned, it also told the unpopular truth: that the average IQ among the black race is 85, the lowest of any racial group. If the "Village Voice" wants to disprove this, please do so and publish your results so we can all be enlightened. It shouldn't be difficult; just test for IQ among a statistical sample of blacks vs whites vs Asians vs hispanics and record and summarize the results. Will you do it? No, because outside of using race as a political cudgel, you know damn well that the Bell Curve is correct.

I don't take any joy or satisfaction in these grim facts, but no good will come from lying about them....as you do.


Old Rebel said...


"Racism" is an all-purpose word to shut up opposition to the liberal-left agenda.

It's no coincidence that the word was coined by the Soviets, who wanted to paint their opponents as backward.

You're correct in stating that the word implies an irrational phobia, but it also packs the additional charge that you're opposing leftist progress. If you're not for leftist "equality," you're obviously motivated by hate.

Hang tough.

Stogie said...

OR, Hangin' tough!

Always On Watch said...

I've read The Bell Curve. The facts are indeed included.

About 20 years ago, National Geographic (the magazine) published a long article about why some black slaves were more intelligent than others. If I recall correctly, the study had a lot to with the status of the African slaves captured: some were political royalty, others were slaves of slaves because they lacked skills (IQ?). The article may also have mentioned why some of African descent are such fast runners (tribal genetics). I don't know where I put that edition of the magazine. It must be in the attic of my parents' house.

Always On Watch said...

Frankly, I can't understand all the hubbub about IQ. The IQ tests we have measure only certain kinds of intelligence. There are other kinds! Just try to grow a garden or work on a car, for example. One may have a wonderful IQ according to Stanford Binet but still be unable to accomplish the tasks of successful gardening or successful car repair.

Reading an interesting book about the topic of intelligence right now: Be Different by John Elder Robison, who has Asperger's. Do you know his name? If not, look him up on Wikipedia and access some of the outgoing links.

Stogie said...

AOW, I don't think there are different kinds of intelligence; you are referring to talents. IQ intelligence is the kind you need to do higher math, get admitted to Harvard, analyze complex situations, recognize patterns etc. I only mentioned IQ because the idiots at Village Voice brought it up.

People's characteristics do vary by race. There are no Chinese on the front line of the Green Bay Packers, and there are few, if any, blacks teaching advanced calculus. Have you ever seen a black Olympics diver or swimmer? No, never. Blacks have heavier bones and do not make good swimmers.

On the other hand, blacks are generally better at music, including jazz and other mediums that reqire improvisational thinking.

IQ is important to understand; the lack of understanding is what led to the idiocy of busing, forced integration of schools, affirmative action in allowing people with lower grades to take the place of those more qualified in prestigious universities. It was believed all of this would help blacks catch up to other racial groups in scholastic achievement, but of course, it didn't work.

Stogie said...

AOW, another reason why IQ is important to understand is that it probably has a bearing on crime. Blacks as a group commit far more violent crime than any other racial group, according to statistics compiled by the FBI.

In order to solve a pressing problem, it is necessary to understand it. The left has suppressed any open discussion of race and racial characteristics, and some western nations have made it a crime. However, it is doubtful that any solutions to black dysfunction will be forthcoming by censoring discussion and fact finding.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not sure that we agree about the difference between IQ and talent. I have worked with numerous individuals somewhere on the autism spectrum. They are geniuses in some ways -- with perceptions we ourselves do not notice. Something about brain wiring, I think.

I've also personally seen IQ, which isn't supposed to change, go up significantly with learning therapy (NILD) and tutoring. But, certainly, busing and affirmative action will not raise IQ -- or aspirations, for that matter.


I will agree that IQ as we presently measure it directly relates to our Western culture.

People's characteristics do vary by race.

Absolutely! And variance also occurs via familial genes.

BTW, the individual whom I personally know with the highest IQ is a sociopath. Yes, a real one (bed wetter, cruelty to animals, etc.). He doesn't cause a one-man crime wave as far as I know; but I do believe that he got away, literally, with murder back in 1997. And he certainly has outfoxed justice numerous times over and is quite the scammer. I just wish that his parents had accepted earlier that their son has "issues." I tried so hard to get them to face the crisis. They wouldn't -- and thus enabled him to spiral ever further downward. Very sad.

Rublebgrx said...

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