Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Il Kicks Bucket

The Glorious Leader of the world's most insane state, North Korea, has croaked, as in "kicked the bucket," cashed in his chips, assumed room temperature, bit the dust, bought the farm, fell off his perch, handed in his dinner pail and went west.

And with all that exertion, it's no wonder.  The man's dead. Kaput.  Past his expiration date.  Food for worms. Through.  Finished.  Washed up.

Now the only question is, will Kim Jong Il Jr. be just as nuts as dad?


pjm said...

Nice photoshop!

Old Rebel said...

You could say that Kim Jong Il and kim chee have something in common - they're both underground.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....Stogie, I love your Christmas banner in the masthead.

Stogie said...

Thanks pjm. I used the new "puppet warp" tool to get his legs to do what I wanted.

OR, I have never found kim chee to be delicious, but at least it is somewhat nourishing, unlike the worthless and now defunct leader of North Korea.

Thanks AOW! I got bored with the same old thing and decided on a banner in keeping with the holidays.