Thursday, December 22, 2011

GQ's Comic Strip Lamentation for Osama Bin Laden

Kindly Grandpa Figure Offed by
Fanatical Christian Right Wingers
The online version of Gentleman's Quarterly has published a "web comic" about the termination of Osama Bin Laden by Navy Seals in May of this year.  They asked some well-known comic book artists to illustrate the mission that killed Bin Laden.

The artwork is well done, but carries a leftist bias (most comic book artists nowadays are progressives on steroids). Osama Bin Laden, the murderer of 3,000 people on 9/11/2001, is displayed as a tired, wise old man, a rather sympathetic figure:
Five years -- six?  Caged in these rooms and NOW FINALLY--the end sounds close and far at the same time -- the walls around him complicate things --
The web comic ends with Osama taking a bullet to the head, with the blazing legend "FOR GOD AND COUNTRY".

The cynical legend is subtly sarcastic and reflects leftist biases against both "God and Country."  Only Christian religious fanatics and wildly patriotic jingoists machine gun kindly, tired and wise old men.  (Yes, his tired eyes seem to silently and sadly lament the strife and violence -- oh, why can't this be a better world?  Why can't we all just get along?  Why does it always have to end this way?  Aren't we supposed to be better than this?) 

The answer to kindly grandpa's silent questions is simple.  It is because dangerous and slightly mad rightwingers believe that killing is the ultimate expression of religious ecstasy and love of country.   Never mind the murdered Americans and billions of dollars of damage to the World Trade Center and Pentagon.  Let's just focus on the kindly old man with his lovable grandpa-like beard and his tired eyes.  Let us not dwell on his crime.  He was merely a victim of American religious fanaticism and mindless patriotism.  Every college sophomore knows that these two evils account for all the violence and hatred in the world.  Hey, that 9/11 thing was just an excuse...or an inside job used to justify the murder of non-Christians.

For God and country my ass.  For justice.  Thank God the S.O.B. is dead.  I only regret that it took ten years to find him.

Read it here.

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Ema Nymton said...


Lie to yourself all you want. If it makes you feel better about who you say you are then lie away.

The truth is justice had nothing to do with the killing of this person. Keep this straight. This man was hunted down and executed for mindless petty revenge.

You are cheerfully willing to have had USA violate the Constitution and international law, commit torture, and kill thousands of unarmed and defenseless people - for what? So you can say ... "Thank God the S.O.B. is dead."

Will the kindly grandpa answer the question, "What is the difference between this man's actions and yours?"

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ema, you don't even know what the Constitution is, so quit pretending to be a scholar.

"Petty revenge" for a mass murdering criminal with the blood of 3,000 people on his hands? The difference between Bin Laden's actions and ours? The people he killed were innocent.

So according to Ema, when totalitarian fanatics murder thousands of Americans and destroy skyscrapers, we can't do anything about it...because of what? Because Ema and her fellow progressives are so self-hating that they defend those who would kill them?

Or are you just crazy, a "progressive" who always defends monsters against her own country?

Yes, you must be crazy. I can't say you are evil, for that implies some sort of intelligence, and you show nothing but the leftist programming that has turned you into a walking, slogan-spouting string puppet, incapable of any individual thought.