Thursday, December 01, 2011

Spicing Up a Boring Week With Freddy Fender!

I'm bored. The mysterious explosions at Iranian nuclear facilities were fun, but I need something more. Aha! Then I thought of Freddy Fender.

Freddy sang "Tex-Mex" style and one of his songs that I love is "Rancho Grande." I always loved it but didn't understand a single word; now I am taking Spanish and have the highest grade in the class (I got 100% right on my last midterm). Now I understand the words to "Rancho Grande." Here's Freddy singing it live, followed by "Before the Next Teardrop Falls."  (Freddy was born in Texas and was a U.S. Marine, but valued his Mexican heritage mucho.)

"Rancho Grande" is a traditional Ranchero song, very popular in Mexico, and often performed by Mariachi bands. Freddy, however, altered the song with a new verse of his own making:

Cuando se muere mi suegra,
Que la entieren boca abajo,
Que si quiere salirse,
Que se vaya más abajo

It translates: When my mother-in-law dies, let them bury her upside down, so if she wants to get out, she'll just go further down.

Nasty! I liked my mother-in-law, but I guess Freddy didn't like his.


pjm said...

Good Stuff!

You enjoy the video at this leak.

Always On Watch said...

Love it!

My Spanish is good enough to follow the humor in this song.

Always On Watch said...

Que si quiere salirse

Interesting that he didn't use subjunctive there. Apparently, he wants to convey that she is evil enough that she could really return as the walking dead.

Stogie said...

AOW, I won't study the subjunctive until Spanish 1B. I'm still in 1A! But the semester is over at the end of next week.

Stogie said...

PJM, I heard Adam Corolla's rant on another website and liked it a lot! He has always seemed like a naturally cool kind of guy, where coolness is somehow just infused into his bones and he doesn't even have to try. He's funny and shows a lot of wisdom in the recording you mention.

Always On Watch said...

You're taking Spanish? Well, if you get in a bind with any of the material, let me know. I'm a Spanish major.

The subjunctive is tricky. But once you catch on, you'll wonder why you ever had any difficulty with subjunctive.

Stogie said...

AOW, thanks for the offer. That's great that you are a Spanish major. When I tool French, I was very good with the subjunctive (my French teacher even noted that when she signed my year book). However, right now I don't remember much about it.

I am listening to Spanish news stations and some Spanish TV programs just to develop my ear, and cognition is slowly accruing. I love the course and I love learning new languages. As you know, there are a lot of Spanish speaking people in California and my opportunities to use what I learn are limitless.