Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Motivations Behind Liberal Beliefs

Some recent nasty encounters with liberals makes me want to list the reasons behind liberal beliefs.  So here goes a list, subject to revision:

1.  Liberals believe that reality can be altered by simple denial.  If we all believe, say, that Islam is a peaceful religion, then by God, Islam is a peaceful religion.  You must ignore widespread Islamic violence, aggression and mass murder, or explain it away, or seek to establish "moral equivalence."  So Muslims just blew up New York?  Hey, the ancient Israelites did some pretty nasty things 4,000 years ago, and the Christians had the Spanish Inquisition.  How these factoids are to protect us from terrorism in the here and now isn't clear.

2.  Related point to number 1 above:  liberals believe that all people, everywhere and in every epoch of history, used the same paradigms, believed the same things, held the same values and are almost identical to modern liberals in thought, behavior and outlook.  The fact that mass murder could be highly desirable to a different culture is just unacceptable.  So they mentally screen it out.

More along these lines later.


AmPowerBlog said...

I don't even call the "liberals." They're progressives. Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson were liberals --- 18th Century classical liberals, and modern conservatism takes much from them (and their intellectual brethren of the day) as its foundations.

Stogie said...

Donald, yes, "classical" liberals of olden times are the conservatives of today. I will endeavor to use "progressives" from here on out, as it is more descriptive of leftist "progressing" from bad to worse! :)