Friday, December 23, 2011

Jazz For Cows (Video)

These Dixieland Jazz musicians show up in a cow pasture and serenade a herd of cows. The cows' ears go up and they all turn towards the band and slowly advance forward in a line. The cows are curious and even seem to like it. Now if cows can learn to love jazz, can progressives learn common sense? Nah, I'm afraid that's stretching credulity to the breaking point.



Always On Watch said...

Great find!

Animals like music more than we know, I think.

Years ago, I had a cat that went into a state of nirvana every time I played "We Three Kings" on the recorder (flute). She didn't act that way with any other tune on the recorder.

Now we have a cat (Dusti) who loves the piece "What's New?" when I play it on the piano -- a particular arrangement only. Well, I should say that she DID like the tune. Now she's pretty well deaf. **sigh**

Stogie said...


My dog and cat don't seem to react to music or to the television screen. However, I did once observe Missy staring at the screen when there was a show on about cats. I think she recognized the images of other cats.

However, one sound they do react to is the sound of a door bell, even when it is on television. Bogie begins barking immediately and will rush downstairs at breakneck speed to the front door, ready to defend the household from strangers. It's funny...he can't differentiate between the TV and the actual door bell!