Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tim Tebow Terrorizes Secularists and Atheists

As Timothy Gordon points out in American Thinker today, the left is becoming increasingly intolerant towards any public religious expression.  For that reason, Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, is becoming a hated figure.  Tebow likes to silently pray in the end zone after touchdowns, by dropping to one knee and giving thanks.  Gordon writes:
Tebow's straightforward and unapologetic Christianity has been received by NFL mensae magnae (contradiction in terms?) as a type of threat.
And what is the liberal/secularist plan?  To eventually make religion disappear:
That is, when sec-progs start out declaring that they aim merely to set a plain whereupon all religions can fairly "coexist," they really contemplate an end-game where religions fade permanently out of view. Have a look at the emergent history of the jurisprudence: "No federal religion" became "no state religions"; this became "no government entanglement with religion"; this became "no governmental support for religion"; this became "no governmental mention of religion"; this led to the phase that the Tebow debacle currently evinces: "no popular mention of religion in any public sphere, including private affairs which get viewed on TV." One can easily imagine the last few steps in this phenomenology of disappearance.
I noticed this on Jay Leno last week, when Denver finally lost their second game of the season.  When Leno announced the loss, his liberal Los Angeles audience broke into applause...not because they dislike the Broncos, but because they dislike practicing Christians.


AmPowerBlog said...

Progressives are bigot -- anti-Christian bigots, and a lot more.

pjm said...

Tebow has benefited from all of this. The guy is not a NFL caliber QB at this point.... John Elway the President of Team heard the howls from Christian Groups because he has stated he doesn't think Tebow is the Denver QB for the future. Though he now states that maybe he can become that guy. I think John Elway of all people understands what it takes to make it in the NFL at the QB position.

Tebow seems like an incredibly good guy, with a great work ethic. And he has proven he can be a leader.... but his form is terrible. He has trouble reading defenses, his release point is in the wrong spot, which hurts his accuracy.

The guy has been taking a beating weak after week, with a record amount of runs.... and he shows his big heart every time he gets up.... and I think he had made a lot of people fans with his hard nose style. But do you want your QB constantly running for 3 yards because he can't find open receivers... of course not. It comes down to; is he a the QB that a NFL franchise builds around..... this is not a Christian or Non-Christian Question... this is whether his talent will be successful in the long run. And the majority of the supposed experts.. scouts, coaches etc. say no. Could they be wrong... of course they can. But their opinion is a football opinion, not a stab at religion. But many that make comments on these stories don't seem to understand this differentiation.

Thanking God and prayer circles at the end of the game have been a part of the NFL for years. No on is complaining about that. But to wear a Bible Reference under your eyes throughout your College Career, so it can be seen throughout the game on on National TV irked many. Ok, the NCAA allowed it , so be it.

But I personally thought he should have never got in the middle of the Abortion Fight on Super Bowl Sunday. The commercial ended up being benign, but the preliminary fight should of never happened. It was the #1 story for a couple of weeks. Super Bowl Sunday is a time when people get together to celebrate the NFL's top 2 teams facing off.... people with all kinds of beliefs come together for this day. It is one day to keep Political and Religious differences out of the equation.

And that is where many football fans (who are also religious) have drawn the line in the sand..... it's the same reason why A-Rod is so hated in Baseball... you don't put yourself in front of the game with off field actions.

Kurt Warner who definitely wore religion on his sleeve, said it best.... "just tone it down a bit".

Ema Nymton said...


As a grate moralist might have said, "Atheists are entitled to their beliefs, but I wish they would stop wearing their religion on their sleeve and trying to push it off on everyone else."

So why you for allowing the comedian Tim Tebow to terrorize secularist and atheists with his religion?

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ema, I am not allowing Tim Tebow to do anything. He is entitled to his religious views just as you are and everyone else. By expressing those views, he does not prevent others from expressing different views.

The strange thing is that religious views of Christians and Jews are found to be repugnant by atheists and leftists, though they generally support those of Muslims whose religion is violent and intolerant.

Ema Nymton said...


Playing your 'victim card' again are you? Christians are really the victim here.

"... religious views of Christians and Jews are found to be repugnant by atheists and leftists, though they generally support those of Muslims whose religion is violent and intolerant."

Really? You may want to believe that religious views of Christians and Jews are found to be repugnant by atheists and leftists, though they generally support those of Muslims whose religion is violent and intolerant. Sadly reality does not reflect your idea.

One may lie oneself to power. One will never lie oneself to truth. The truth is one cannot name an atheist who threatens 'fire and brimstone' as loudly as "christian' ministers.

You cannot have it both ways. You want atheists to be quiet while whimpering the Tebow should be allowed to wear his religion on his sleeve.

Ema Nymton

Stogie said...

Ema, sadly, reality does reflect my claims of leftist and atheist persecution of Christians and Jews.

Leftists hate peaceful religions, because as the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci once noted, loyalty to God must be eliminated so that loyalty to the state can reign supreme. Leftists support Islam because they see it as a natural ally against western democracies, which they wish to replace with collectivist tyrannies.

Criticizing atheists and pointing out their hypocrisy is not the same as "shutting them up." So once again, your comments are irrelevant. Denial is not truth, and you are in denial. Your entire life and philosophy seem dedicated to erroneous thinking.

pjm said...

Whoa....I wouldn't put Atheists and Leftists in the same camp. Show me the Atheist that supports Muslim Teachings. We are not talking the "Peace, Love" crowd, as they tend to more Agnostics or non Western Religion believers.

The 21st century New Atheism movement, which is much more aggressive in their counter in religion is led by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens (RIP), Daniel Dennet and Sam Harris and all 4 have been very outspoken against Islam and it's danger to civilization.

Harris was against the Mosque being built near the 9/11 Site... saying to allow it would be an example of "liberal" cowardice. And that it's time to admit that we are not at war with Terrorists, but we at war with Islam.

Hitchens was a left wing writer until he felt that the Western Left was constantly making excuses for the Middle East. He was in the Paul Wolfowitz camp.

Dawkins calls Islam, "one of the great evils in the world." And he doesn't qualify it with Radical Islam or Islamic Extremism. He says the West is too nice and naive when reaching out to Islamic leaders. That the Islamic world ultimately wants to impose it's will on the world. He states that Islam is much more dangerous than Christianity because the belief that each word in the Koran is literally true, which comes with a close mindedness and an unwillingness to be questioned. (Which is my problem with the Religious Right as well).

Stogie said...

PJM, many militant atheists also tend to be leftists.

Islam is dangerous because it openly and clearly commands its followers to conquer and kill or subjugate non-believers. It is officially and clearly anti-Jewish and anti-Christian as it considers these to be its major enemies.

Neither Christianity nor Judaism is dangerous, nor is Hinduism or Buddhism or many other religions.

My biggest problem with atheists is their arrogance -- they believe what is clear to them should be clear to everyone, and they often seek to suppress religious expression in the public square.

pjm said...

I am not denying that some Atheists are Leftists... it was more your comment that Atheists and Leftists generally support views of Muslims, even though they find the views of Christians and Jews to be repugnant.

Most Atheists are consistent in their belief against religion across the board, with Islam being no exception.

I understand your point on the arrogance of many Atheists. We can be a self righteous lot. I respect those with true Faith, but many people lead with God and for me that's very difficult to take seriously. I grew up as a Catholic, my parents are strong faithed NY Catholics. If you know anything about old time East Coast Catholics, then you know that anyone of Protestant faith was considered misguided and wrong. So, personally the arrogance comes easy for me. :)

Stogie said...

PJM, perhaps I should have said "leftists who are atheists." Yes, not all atheists are leftists. Thanks for the clarification.