Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should the GOP Candidate be Mitt Romney?

Newt Gingrich's poll numbers are descending as other Republicans attack him.  The attacks are not without merit, as explained by the Washington Times.  Newt has a lot of baggage, and it will be used against him should he become the candidate.  Gingrich is very polarizing, apparently.  Ann Coulter explains why Newt is a bad idea for our standard bearer.

The Washington Times argues that Mitt Romney is the best choice of the Republican candidates.   They say that Romney has the best chance of winning.

I am not wildly enthusiastic about either Gingrich or Romney, but I will vote for whoever the GOP candidate is.

I would vote for a fire hydrant over Barack Obama.


Randy-g said...

I would vote for the dog pi$$ing on the fire hydrant before Obama.

pjm said...

Personally I feel Huntsman is a better Romney... but he has gained zero traction in the race.

He is a pragmatist.. which I like. If you look at his viewpoint, he is the true conservative in the race. He talks about a sensible energy plan... including increasing Natural Gas refining. The Fossil Fuel that we have plenty of, and burns much much cleaner. He backs Paul Ryan's Budget Plan. He wants to privatize Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. He is against the No Child Left Behind Act. He is against Corporate Subsidies. He has real Foreign Policy experience. He worked on the Reagan staff, and was appointed to different posts under George H and George W... and served as ambassador to China under Obama. Like Romney he is a Mormon and quite wealthy from Family Money. He was Governor of Utah... and receive accolades for his time there.

And I love the fact that he dropped out of High School to pursue his passion of playing in his Progressive Rock Band... he is a keyboard player. Of course he got his GED, and followed with college.

He has put all his marbles in New Hampshire... we will see if he can gain some momentum.

I thought Newt did a great job during the last couple of debates... but boy does he have some baggage.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's the problem with Gingrich, beyond his spewed trivia, he is mostly talk. His actions speak a totally different story. I would hate to think that someone could be worse than Romney, but Gingrich is such a person.