Saturday, December 10, 2011

Did Hollywood Shooter Shout "Alihu Akbar"? Did Lincoln Free the Slaves?

Self-delusion takes many forms, and Americans are hardly immune to replacing reality with myths and fantasies.

Yesterday, some schmuck in Hollywood walked down the street firing random shots from a handgun, wounding one person.  The police arrived on the scene and promptly shot him dead.  (Thank God for the police, who always man the skirmish line between civilization and chaos.)

Now some people are saying the 26 year old man, one Tyler Brehm, was shouting the Muslim war cry "Alihu Akbar" as he fired the shots.  If true, none of the mainstream media are reporting this aspect of the incident.  We have all noted how the MSM filters the news, deliberately omitting facts that could have a bearing on public opinion and the safety of the American people.  Never mentioning the Muslim connection to crimes is at the top of their list.  Many reports still refuse to mention Major Nidal Hassan's radical Muslim ties in the Fort Hood shooting and massacre.  They refer to it as "workplace violence" instead of what it was, Islamic violence based on religious beliefs in jihad.  It was Hassan's belief in Islam that compelled him to commit mass murder.

I don't know if Tyler Brehm was a Muslim or not.  He could very well have been nuts, acting out a scenario he learned from somewhere (probably not the MSM).   However, this latest incident proves that many Americans have an irrational belief in reality-alteration:  if you refuse to admit unpleasant truths, well then they just aren't true after all.  Islam isn't violent unless we SAY Islam is violent, external reality notwithstanding.

Conservatives, as a whole, aren't any better than liberals in this regard.  This was made clear this week when Zo of Zo-Nation, of Pajamas Media, called for the permanent furling of the Confederate flag.  Such foolish comments always set off a round of nasty debates on the Civil War:  who was right?  What was the reason for the war?  The short and sweet answer is that the South was right and the North completely, irrefutably and indelibly wrong.

Many conservatives continue to insist that Abraham Lincoln was the second coming, a great prophet of racial equality, human rights and enlightenment, who had no choice but to fight the Civil War in order to free the slaves, because he was just so darned moral and righteous.  He wasn't.  What he was, was a ruthless politician who hated blacks and loved high taxes and a strong central government.  His rule was a reign of terror.  The mass death and destruction didn't bother him.  He was concerned with the larger questions, like, "Let the South secede?  Who will pay my tariff?"

Lincoln is a historic fraud whose statue in Washington D.C. should be jackhammered into rubble and thrown into the Potomac.  He was the antithesis of everything that conservatives are supposed to believe in, and there's the rub.  We love limited government, the rule of law and the Constitution, yet we worship a man who was the exact opposite of our ideal.

Lately I have been arguing with "conservatives" over at YouTube over Zo's unfortunate claim that it is "time to furl the Confederate flag."  Needless to say, I weighed in, dispelling the Northern myth with facts, only to receive in return some rather vicious, insulting and hateful responses.  "Conservatives," like liberals, get mightily pissed when their shining myths are replaced with the cold and sober truth.  Will that make me shut up?  Not on your life.


Black Sheep said...

George Bush Junior, supposedly a conservative, was a Liberal Lefty. Lincoln, supposed champion of the Negro, saw them as inferiors. For my money you can take Bush and Lincoln and flush them both down the Potomac.

I don't know which aspects of the South you refer to as being right, but slavery wasn't one of them. That their plantation economy required it to survive is true, but that didn't make it right. Slavery has no place in any human society. Maybe that's why Muslims like it so much.

Ultimately, true politicians will bend with the wind, and have no real moral standards or convictions of their own, regardless of the party they join. Expecting any of them to be decent people or do the right thing is for people who think that pigs really fly.

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

"Tyler Brehm, was shouting the Muslim war cry "Alihu Akbar"

Allahu Akbar literally translates to "God is great." It is used pretty much exactly the same way "Amen" is used in Christianity. It in no way is related to war and violence, let alone a "war cry." Hell, Christian Arabs also say "allahu akbar" because it's the wording in their language - not some scary ooga booga Muslim call to war.

david7134 said...

The confederate flag is a symbol of liberty and a failed attempt as sef-direction, after all, if Lincoln wanted to save the Union, what was the Union? Was it a land mass, was it the states, was it the people? It was an excuse to destroy the South just as subsequent governments destroyed the Indian. All in the name of increasing the tax basis and land mass of the US. This makes a symbol of freedom very difficult for the US to understand and worse to explain. They would have to accept the lie that they were the good guys. Then there is the little inconvient truth that Lincoln and those that followed fundamentally changed the government of the US so that we have no freedom left.

Always On Watch said...

One eye witness did say that the Hollywood shooter screamed, "Allahu akbar!"

As for his name, he could have been a convert to Islam. Name means nothing: Muslim is not a race.

As for Abraham Lincoln, clearly, he was a racist. He made such statements multiple times. When I point out those statements, my friends gasp because I've dispelled a myth. Lincoln has become nearly a god in the eyes of many, many people.

Stogie said...

Black Sheep, slavery in America had been in existence for 200 years when the Civil War broke out, and it was not a Southern institution but an American one. Of the original 13 colonies, all but one were slave states. Slavery and secession are two separate issues, and the war was not fought either to eradicate or to preserve slavery. Your comment is based on the incorrect premise that the argument between North and South was whether or not the South had to give up its slaves. Not true.

In order to eradicate slavery, it would have required (1) compensation paid to the slave owners and (2) resettlement of the former slaves throughout the Union where their labor could be utilized. There never was any such Northern plan or intent. The North had NO plan to eliminate slavery.

Stogie said...

Anonymous, I know very well what "Alihu Akbar" means in literal translation. It is an ugly slogan that is indeed used by Muslims when they are carrying out violence, whether it be in jihad or in sawing off the heads of helpless captives. My description of it as a war cry it therefore both apt and accurate.

Stogie said...

David, well said!

Stogie said...

AOW, yes Brehm could be a convert to Islam. That religion does attract a lot of violent nuts. I hope more information is forthcoming.