Saturday, December 03, 2011

Obama's War on Private Enterprise

If you have a business, do you expand, offer new product lines, hire more people?

It largely depends on whether the economy is growing or shrinking, whether the president and his cabinet believe in free enterprise or see it as an enemy to be defeated. If the latter, businesses will hold off on expansion until conditions are more favorable.

Barack Obama is seen more and more as a president who hates private enterprise, sees the profit motive as evil and business as something to thwart. Ed Lasky, writing in the American Thinker today, quotes Obama's line from "Dreams From My Father": that while he was employed in the private sector, Obama felt like he was "a spy behind enemy lines."

This kind of insane thinking is common on the left. Business is the enemy.  So those who want consumer goods, e.g. appliances, homes, cars, clothes, food, furniture etc are forced to deal with this "enemy."  Well the enemy is definitely in retreat, General Obama.  Business is producing a lot less of these goodies nowadays, because people can't afford them as easily as they used to.  When business is the enemy there are no jobs.

Lasky explains why.

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