Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SHOCKING VIDEO: Man Fires Gun at Florida School Board Meeting

In Florida yesterday, a 56 year old man, upset because his wife was fired by the school district, appears before the School Board with a loaded pistol. One brave woman sneaks up behind the man and attempts to disarm him by grabbing his gun, but fails in the attempt.

After talking for a while, the man aims his gun at the Chairman and opens fire, then fires at other board members as they duck beneath their desks. After being wounded by a security guard, the man shoots himself and ends his life.

Via Fox News


kate said...

Bonsoir Stogie , cette vidéo est en effet terrible ....Faut-il qu'il soit désespéré pour agir ainsi ...mais je n'excuse en aucun cas qu'il tire sur des personnes !

Stogie said...

Kate says that the video is terrible, that perhaps desperation drove the man to act that way, but that does not excuse him for shooting at people.

Stogie: Right you are, Kate!