Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Charles Johnson Jumps the Lizard

It has been obvious for some time that Charles Johnson has mental problems.  His blog, Little Green Footballs, is a mix of paranoia and venom.  Once LFG was a celebrated blog, widely quoted and respected by conservatives but hated by liberals.

Then Charley started going off the deep end, running a continuous pogrom against any and all registered LGF members for frivolous reasons.  Members became afraid to say anything, lest they be banned for some innocent remark.

Charley became deeply paranoid and began imagining that "fascists" were behind anti-Islamic individuals and groups in Europe.  In Charley's mind, it logically followed that all who associated with said individuals or groups must be fascist themselves.  And then there were the omnipresent racist hordes, the white supremacists, the kooks of every stripe and shape ready to pounce from under a bridge or rock, or maybe Charley's bed.  Perhaps a prescription for Thorazine would make them go away, but no, Charley has his own solution:  Ban everyone!  Trust no one!  Denounce everyone!  And so many members did go away, and many more readers with them.  After all, who wants a steady diet of paranoid rants?

Today Charles Johnson has announced his official move away from conservatism into liberalism.  However, his big announcement is rather anti-climactic.  He broke with the right many months ago and today's move is merely a ploy to bring some traffic to his diminishing blog.  The truth is that Charles Johnson is boring and Little Green Footballs a shriveling force in the blogosphere.

So to any liberals out there who celebrate Johnson's great move to the left, you are welcome to him and whatever is left of his mind.

Hat tip to Dan Riehl for the "jumps the lizard" remark.

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