Wednesday, December 02, 2009

PETA Using Sex to Sell Puppies from the Pound

PETA, (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a new ad featuring a nude model (see right).

The model is Joanna Krupa, a Playboy model and regular on "Dancing With the Stars" TV show.

Critics are annoyed at the use of a crucifix to hide Krupa's critical body parts, saying it is a misuse of Christian symbolism.  They have a point.  When you want to motivate people to do something, it is best not to insult them first.

I say, do indeed adopt a puppy from the pound.  Or even an older dog.  My last three dogs were adopted, one of them old and deaf (I had him for seven great years).  Our latest dog, Bogie, was adopted from the Los Angeles pound by my son.   Bogie is without a doubt the best dog of our lives.  We also have two cats, both adopted.  One was a feral kitten captured by our son.  The latest is a kitten adopted from a cat rescue organization.

Animal shelters are reporting a large influx of pets that have been abandoned by their owners, probably due to the deep recession we are now experiencing.   Go get one of them.  Your life and theirs will be much better for it.  Nude model not included.

Via:  Fox News

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