Friday, December 04, 2009

UPDATED: Policeman Shot and Killed in Pelham, Alabama

Update:  Details on police officer's funeral are at this link.

A police officer in Pelham, Alabama was shot and killed this morning during a routine traffic stop.  However, there are no routine traffic stops.  It seems that "routine traffic stops" often result in dead officers.

The Pelham Police have released the following information in a press release:
"On Thursday, Dec 3, at 2350 hours, a Pelham Police Officer was shot and fatally wounded during a traffic stop on I-65 in Pelham.  The Officer's name will be withheld until all relatives have been notified.  The incident is being investigated as a Murder of a Police Officer.  A white male is in custody in connection to the death.  
The suspect has been identified as Bart Wayne Johnson, age 20 or 30, of Kimberly, Alabama.  Read more about it here.

What possesses idiots who shoot police officers?  It is the surest way to the lethal injection room.

UPDATE:  The police officer killed in the line of duty has been identified as Philip Davis (picture, right).

The suspect, Bart Wayne Johnson, has been identified as a pharmacist by trade.  Police are confident that they have the right man.

Read more about it here.

See related video below.

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