Friday, December 11, 2009

Charles Krauthammer on the Roots of the Global Warming Hoax

In a piece titled "The Environmental Shakedown," Charles Krauthammer explains the roots and the purposes of the anthropogenic global warming (APG) hoax.  It is the same old scheme to "redistribute the wealth" from the producing companies to third world, underdeveloped and poor countries.  It has been the dream of socialists worldwide for decades.  Krauthammer writes:
The idea of essentially taxing hard-working citizens of the democracies in order to fill the treasuries of Third World kleptocracies went nowhere, thanks mainly to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher (and the debt crisis of the early '80s). They put a stake through the enterprise.
But such dreams never die. The raid on the Western treasuries is on again, but today with a new rationale to fit current ideological fashion. With socialism dead, the gigantic heist is now proposed as a sacred service of the newest religion: environmentalism.
Krauthammer is right.  Since the U.S. economy is carbon-based, the best way to get control is to allow the EPA to regulate every aspect of that economy.  The best rationale for that is that we are all going to die unless it is done.

Personally, I think that APG and the current climate hysteria is the biggest power grab in world history.  Through this gigantic fraud, a socialist world government can at last be realized.  Redistribution of wealth from those who produce it to those who don't can be done under the ruse of "purchasing carbon credits."

Thanks to the APG brain trust, poverty is now within the reach of everyone on earth.

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