Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Summit Collapsing in Chaos

The meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark has been an absurd display of radicals, neo-communists and tin horn dictators scrambling for eco-bucks.  As the giant hoax of "man made" global warming unravels with disclosures of cheating and faked data, nature belly-laughs itself to delirium by dumping a huge, freezing blizzard on the participants.  Meanwhile, Al Gore continues to refuse questions from the press and runs from reporters, rather than subject himself to questions he can't answer about non-existent APG.

But to the rescue comes our charismatic leader, Barack Obama, who flies into the chaotic and disintegrating summit with a scintillating speech to inspire the participants and save the world for socialism.  Except that Obama's speech is boring, uninspired and disappointing to the socialists/kleptocrats, who find their open and extended palms are not greased as expected.  (But how will they pay for their military weapons, drugs and prostitutes? IT'S NOT FAIR.)

Alas, it is clear that the conglomeration of Copenhagen commies can't cope.  Chuckle!

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