Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Wicked" Performance Undisturbed by Drunken Brawl in the Audience

I saw "Wicked" in San Francisco a couple of months back.  I wasn't terribly impressed.  See my review of it here.

However, kudos to the Cleveland cast who went on performing after a drunken brawl broke out in the audience, with a screaming woman led away in handcuffs.  This shows a lot more class than a Broadway actor who recently stopped his performance when someone's cell phone began to ring.  He looked at the audience and said, "Do you want to get that?" (See video below.) Talk about an embarrassing moment for the audience member.  (Always be sure the your damn cell phone is off at appropriate times:  during weddings, funerals, Bar-Mitzvahs and Broadway plays.)

Was the "Wicked" lady really drunk?  Or just upset to learn that she actually spent $75 on this Broadway fiasco?

Fortunately, I was able to contain my drunken screaming until after the play.

AP has the story here.

Video of cell phone ringing during a Broadway play.

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