Friday, December 11, 2009

Chris Dodd is Toast, Pollsters Claim

Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut is in danger of losing his senate seat in 2010.  Dodd has been a U.S. senator for five terms (at six years each) but probably won't see a sixth.

Strangely enough, CBS says that voters are still outraged about Dodd approving payment of bonuses to AIG executives after AIG received a massive bailout payment.  IMHO, that was an ethical and correct move by Dodd -- those executives were specifically hired to turn AIG around and were not involved in the mortgage swaps that bankrupted the company.  The bonuses were contractual, were most of their pay and their regular salaries were small.  Often, public perception is just plain wrong and unfair.

However, Dodd has done plenty of other mischief that makes me happy that he may be getting a pink slip.  His key role in the subprime mortgage fiasco that caused the "recession from hell" and his support of  the bail-outs, nationalized health care and cap and trade -- all of those sins are enough.

Back in the heyday of Senator Ted Kennedy, Dodd was Kennedy's partner in crime as they boozed and womanized their way through the restaurants and nightclubs of D.C.  But why go into his good points at this stage?  In any case, Chris needs to update his resume or seriously consider retirement.

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