Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's Over: Maurice Clemmons Killed by Police

Maurice Clemmons, the scum who murdered four Washington police officers last Sunday morning, is dead.  The video below has a report of the events.

In spite of a massive dragnet and manhunt, Clemmons eluded capture until 2:45 AM today, when he was spotted in South Seattle by a Seattle Police officer.  The officer wasn't even looking for Clemmons, but investigating a stolen car that was left on the side of the road.  He then saw Clemmons near the car.  The officer recognized Clemmons and ordered him to show his hands and stop, but Clemmons instead ran.  the officer then fired several rounds at Clemmons, killing him.

Good show.

The police found one of the Lakewood officers' guns on Clemmons.  They also confirmed that Clemmons' had a serious gunshot wound to the stomach, put there by one of the dying Lakewood Police officers.

Several people, friends and family, helped Clemmons escape capture and have been arrested as accomplices after the fact.  They will be prosecuted for their crime, to the full extent of the law, one would hope.

The Los Angeles Times has more here.

Photo:  Scene where Clemmons was shot.  Note the disabled, stolen car with the hood up.

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