Thursday, December 17, 2009

Russians Reveal More Climate-Gate Cheating by Global Warmists

James Dillingpole, whose article in the UK Telegraph first revealed the Climategate controversy, has a second installment today on the unfolding hoax.

One of the way global warming scientists "prove" the earth is warming is by aggregating temperature data from meteorological stations throughout the globe.  Stations located in urban areas (ones that are surrounded by cities and towns) tend to show higher temperatures, because asphalt and concrete and buildings tend to trap heat.  Rural stations tend to show cooler temperatures, which are no doubt a better measure of the true, natural temperature.

Russia says that they have investigated and learned the global warming scientists merely cherry picked Russian meteorological stations that showed warmer temperatures and ignored rural stations with cooler temperatures.

Once again, it appears the global warmists have manipulated scientific data to produce the desired result, i.e. to exaggerate global warming.

Read it all here.

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