Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stand By Your Man: Elin Nordenger Will Stick With Hubby Tiger Woods

It's a lot easier to forgive a guy with a billion bucks.  In any case, Fox News is reporting that Elin will stick with Tiger Woods.  I hope so.

Tiger is not a bad guy.  He is, like most men, a little boy in a larger size.  Turn a hungry and unmonitored kid loose in a candy store and he's liable to help himself to the cookie jar.  Hey Tiger, how'd you get all that chocolate on your mouth and face...and hands?  GASP!  YOU DIDN'T!

In any case, what he did was wrong.  If we didn't learn to control our highest emotions, we'd all be in jail...or divorce court.

Below is a video of Tammy Wynette singing "Stand By Your Man, Especially If He's Loaded."  Okay, I just made up the last four words.

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