Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Auster Gives Reasons Why Obama May Indeed Be A Muslim

Lawrence Auster of View From the Right attempted to refute an article by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post.  Cohen had stated that people who believe Obama is a Muslim are "ignorant" and "on the edge of insanity."

Auster, however, lists the reasons why Obama is NOT a Christian (as he claims), and why he may be a stealth Muslim.

Why he is not a Christian includes these points:
  • Obama's only Christian affiliation in his entire life was with the [radical, black liberation] Trinity United Church in Chicago.
  • Since ending his relationship with Wright and leaving Trinity Church in April 2008, Obama has not joined any other Christian church.
  • Obama has derided Christians as bigots who cling to their Bibles and guns and hate everyone who is different from themselves.
  • Obama is not known for making comments to friends about his deeply felt belief in Jesus Christ.
 Why Obama may be a Muslim:
  • In his Cairo speech in 2009, he said that he would defend Islam from anti-Islamic "stereotypes" wherever they appear.
  • He has carried out that pledge in conspicuous ways. For example, under his leadership as commander in chief, the U.S. military has completely ignored and covered up the truth that the mass murder by Maj. Nidal Hassan at Fort Hood was a jihad attack on the United States.
  • Obama's father was a Muslim, and therefore, according to Islamic law, Obama is a born Muslim.
  • Obama attended a Muslim school for several years when he was a boy in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, and living under the guidance of his stepfather, who was a Muslim, just as his father was.
  • Numerous relatives of Obama's on his father's side are Muslims.
Read it all here.

I think Auster's best point is that Obama has neither joined a church nor spoken of a deep belief in Jesus Christ.  His religion has been a cynical political ploy all along.  He joined Wright's radical church in order to make political contacts and grow a base of support, not to seek communion with a higher power.


Stogie said...

My assumption is that he is an Athiest, but it's political suicide to admit to that.  Many of his actions can be attritibuted to the typical PC BS that we see running through the Democrat Party. 
They go through life with their rose color glasses, and their Marxists beliefs.

At the same time I feel that the majority of Christians who wear their religion on their sleeves (the "Born Agains" and "PTL's") are members of the Idiot Convention.  As a Fiscal Conservative I am embarrassed that I am in the same camp as them, but the Republican Party realizes that they are organized and they bring votes.  This is why we had Bush meeting the Christian Colition Leaders, then calling them wackos after the meeting was over. 

I took an extra bitter pill today!  ;)

Stogie said...

PJM, I don't know what Obama's true religious beliefs are, but I really doubt that he is a believing Christian.  Not sure what you mean about the Christians wearing their religion on their sleeves, though.  I would need some examples to understand.

Stogie said...

Sven, whenever a liberal has no arguments, he accuses his opponent of either racism or "hate."  I do hate an ideology, Islam, because it is evil and because it kills people, lots of them, and on an ongoing basis.  

Your skinny quotations from Obama's ghost-written autobiography are far from convincing that Obama is a sincere Christian.  In any case, you are refuting Larry Auster, not me.  These are his quotes.  Why don't yo go over there and refute him in person?  Or just send him an email with your comments since he doesn't allow comments posted directly.

As for my belief about Obama, I think I stated it clearly to a prior commenter, why don't you refer to my actual beliefs rather than inventing a false one in order to refute it?  You are big on "straw man" arguments, Sven, refuting not what someone has said or what they believe, but refuting your highly distorted version of them.

I said to pjm:  <span>PJM, I don't know what Obama's true religious beliefs are, but I really doubt that he is a believing Christian.  </span>

Stogie said...

Sven, you are banned from further commenting.  I have had it with your insulting, angry and irrational leftism.  Go drink koolaid someplace else.

Nightowl2548 said...

I am not sure I buy the "he's a Muslim" line, I think he is a secular Marxist. But why would he be a Christian? What kind of person takes on a radically different belief system as a full grown adult? Same with Glen Beck becoming a Mormon, sure if you've been exposed to the stories of Joseph Smith since a small child believing in them becomes second nature. But how could a full grown adult reading the bizarre claims in the book of Mormon for the first time possibly believe them? Beck's Mormonism is mere diplomacy to get into his wife's pants. Barack Obama's Christianity was a cynical ploy to become a politician in a black baptist neighborhood in Chicago. He is probably not a Muslim, but he is most certainly not a Christian.

Stogie said...

Nightowl, your logic seems sound. I doubt that Obama is a Muslim, but he does love to suck up to them. Beck becoming a Mormon is strange, considering how bizarre Mormon beliefs are...like you said, he may have done it as a family matter rather than one based on true belief.

Yes, I also agree that Obama is not a Christian. Whatever he is, I want him gone from the White House, as soon as possible before he ruins the country.