Friday, September 10, 2010

Pat Buchanan Urges Obama to Arrest Pastor Terry Jones

Pat Buchanan, friend and protector of Muslims everywhere, has demanded the arrest of Pastor Jones for trying to burn Korans.  The only person who should be restrained is Buchanan, who no doubt would be happier in a padded cell.

VFR has the story here.


Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan is a tradtional conservative. His concern was that Jones doing such a thing might endanger our troops. Obviously you encouraging such a thing means you do not care about our troops. Futher, with your little badges to the left showing you as supporting the EDL, etc. it is pretty clear that you are a neo-facist. Same mind set of the NAZIs, etc. It's just a different group you hate, smear and blame for all of the worlds problems. Do not claim to love America when you advocate for policies that are not in the interests of the USA or that bring harm to the USA.

Stogie said...

Pat Buchanan is a prize ass, nothing more and nothing less. If our troops' mission is to end freedom of speech in the US, then it is time to bring those troops home, as their mission is contrary to our liberty.

There is absolutely nothing neo-fascist about the EDL; your statement only reveals that you are a flaming ignoramus.

Yes, the Muslims are indeed responsible for most of the world's problems -- they kill people in the name of their religion, in case you haven't noticed; but then again, you are a flaming ignoramus about Islam too.