Friday, September 03, 2010

The Barbarians Among Us

Gates of Vienna is reporting a fatwa calling for the beheading of Geert Wilders.

The fatwa was called by an Australian Imam, one Feiz Muhammad.  An Australian imam.  Once again, we see the utter folly of allowing mass immigration of barbarians into the west.  A Muslim leader is openly calling for the murder of a Dutch politician, by Islam's barbaric practice of beheading.

Gates of Vienna quotes the imam:
The call comes from the Australian hate preacher Feiz Muhammad (40), who is viewed by intelligence agencies worldwide as one of the main jihadist ideologues, a great inspiration for young Western Muslim radicals. Sound recordings of this call are in the possession of Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf and the Dutch Intelligence Service AIVD. Feiz Muhammad made the call during a speech at a secluded site of jihadists, in response to questions by Dutch radicals: “We see the evil filth of people such as that filthy Dutch politician. Anyone who mocks our learning, laughs at Islam and degrades it must enter death, decapitate him, cut off his head.”
Oh yes, let's invite more like this one into the West.  Let's let them build mosques wherever they want, and distribute Korans that preach this kind of violence and hatred.

Note to the Pussies governing Australia:  Why haven't you sissies kicked this bastard OUT?

Read Gates of Vienna article here.

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Old Rebel said...

What's interesting is how Wilders' weapon is argumentation and facts, while the Muslims instantly go for murder. That says a lot about the two cultures, doesn't it?

But wait -- if we claim that one culture is superior to another, Charles Johnson will call us bad names.

Stogie said...

"Note to the pussies"?  I seem to recall that the USA has over 37 "Muslims of America training camps" as investigated on Fox News.  Why haven't YOU pussies thrown them out of America?

Stogie said...

I said "note to the pussies governing Australia," moron.  Are you an Aussie politician?  No?  Then shut up.  

Here you have an Australian Imam urging MURDER and no one in pussyland (Australia) says a damn thing about it.