Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and the Republican Establishment

Christine O'Donnell, Republican Senatorial
Candidate for Delaware
Tea Party candidates continue to upset Republican establishment candidates.  Christine O'Donnell won the senatorial primary in Delaware yesterday.  She was quickly denounced by the architect of our 2006 defeat, Karl Rove.  Furthermore, the GOP stated that they will not fund O'Donnell's campaign in November's general election.

For years we Republicans have had to endure one RINO candidate after another, put up by the Republican establishment.  The GOP's promise has not been to roll back Democrat big government statism; it  has been to more efficiently manage that statism.  That isn't good enough for conservatives.  We want to reverse the Democrats' incursion into the private sector, reduce taxes and the size of government.  Our goal is not to slow the socialist advance, it is to stop it and reverse it.

Those who argue for support of RINO candidates are still in "limit the damage" mode.  I believe that this mindset is on the wane.  Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh wondered why on earth we would want to vote for O'Donnell's opponent, Mike Castle.  What's the difference between a socialist with an R after his name and a socialist with a D after his name?

The recent "fight on the right" over O'Donnell vs Castle ruffled some Republican feathers, but it was a debate worth having.  For me, it brought increased moral clarity: to eschew RINO candidates and support real conservatives.

Our goal is to defeat and roll back liberalism.  Let's nominate real conservative candidates and take our chances in November.

Note:  See McCain's related post at American Spectator:  "This Changes Everything."


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This is nothing healthier for the country than making the entrenched hacks scared for their political lives.