Monday, September 20, 2010

France Deports Illegal Immigrants, is Compared to Third Reich by EU Justice Commissioner

For the past few months France has seen an incursion of gypsies across its borders.  The gypsies, or Roma, are nomadic people from Romania who have set up camps in France.  Per a report in the Associated Press:
In recent weeks, French authorities have cleared out some 100 illegal immigrant camps, most inhabited by Gypsies — also known as Roma, a nomadic ethnic group believed to have roots in the Indian subcontinent.
The gypsies, or Roma, have been given some money by the French government and returned to Romania via commercial airlines.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has predictably drawn substantial criticism from liberal European politicians, inferring that the deportations are "racist." Once again we see the leftist brain hard-wired to act against its own self interests:
Earlier this week, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding sharply criticized France's deportations of Roma and linked them to France's mass deportations of Jews during World War II. She later expressed regret over the wartime comparison, but maintained her threat to take France to court for targeting an ethnic group in the expulsions.
French conservatives have voiced disgust and outrage over Reding's slander and threats.  La Pensee Neoconservatrice had a post "Vivian Reding Should Shut Her Trap."  The article charges Reding with ignorance of history.  They write:
Perhaps Reding doesn't know that the Third Reich did not deport gypsies by [commercial] aircraft, nor give them a sum of money so they wouldn't be broke, nor coordinate the deportations with the country of origin.
Another writer at La Pensee Conservatrice criticizes the liberal notion, as voiced by Danielle Mitterand, wife of the former French president, that "we are not the earth's owners, but only its stewards" and therefore people should be allowed to go wherever they want, regardless of national borders.

Dave writes:
It's been a long time since we've heard from the bigamist President's wife.  A long time since we've heard her far left positions, her politically correct garbage, and to be honest, no one was the worse for it.  She, wife of the French president who found Fidel Castro a formidable ally in the fight for freedom, now has declared that "we are not the owners of the earth, but only its stewards."

Ecological expert?  Not at all, the old battle ax was referring to the unacceptable policy of the government against the gypsies, a "nomadic people whom they want to prevent from crossing borders."

So for Danielle Mitterand, eternal Care Bear, anyone can move anywhere because the Earth does not belong to us.

I therefore advise the Romas who live in fear of being returned to Romania with their little government-alloted nest egg, to make their camp at the home of Mrs. Mitterand:  her property is not her own and she will be overjoyed to welcome them, right?

I suspect that she won't really do it, but if all the people of good conscience who criticize the government [over these deportations], gave lodging to only one family in their homes, the problem would be quickly solved!
It's interesting to note that illegal or unwanted immigration is not only a problem for the United States; it is felt also in Europe, with the same results:  liberals want to erase national borders and scream "racism" (or some variant thereof) against all who disagree.


marin juvete said...

"The gypsies, or Roma, are nomadic people from Romania"-TOTALLY WRONG!

Stogie said...

Okay genius, what are the true facts?