Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kumbaya Conservatives: Parroting the PC Propaganda Line on 9/11

Nine years ago today, 19 Muslims hijacked commercial aircraft and flew them into planned targets.  Two destroyed the Twin Towers in Manhattan and another plowed into the Pentagon.  A fourth plane plowed into a field in Pennsylvania after the passengers revolted, causing the terrorists to abort.  It is believed that the fourth plane was to crash into either the White House or the Capitol Building.

The force behind these atrocities was a violent and hateful ideology, i.e., Islam.  The dictates of this evil "religion" are documented in its chief "holy" book, the Koran.  The goals of Islam are clear:  to forcibly convert the entire world to Islam and install Sharia law throughout.  To further that goal, no atrocity against the "infidel" is off the table.  Three hundred school children are murdered in Beslan, Russia; bombs are set off in London and Madrid, killing many; and a four man cadre of Muslims attacks Mumbai, India with AK47 rifles, killing around three hundred innocent souls.

Now we have a lone Christian pastor, of a small church in Florida, who has the strength of character to place the blame for these atrocities where it belongs: on Islam and its evil book, the Koran.  So when he plans to burn the contemptible tome, he soon finds himself the pariah of the entire world.  Liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans alike are outraged, and the lone pastor is soon smothered with epithets and ad hominem attacks, and intimidated into backing down.  For trying to exercise his First Amendment rights, he is visited by the FBI, has his website suspended, the loan on his church property called, and his church's insurance policy cancelled.  Then there are the numerous death threats he has received from domestic members of this alien ideology.

I don't care what liberals or Democrats say, they are insane and it is expected that they will always side with evil.  But to hear conservatives doing it is truly disgusting.  Many conservative bloggers have felt the need to describe the pastor as some kind of lunatic for wanting to symbolically reject Islam by burning their holy book.  They do not refer to him as "the pastor," but "the moron pastor" or "this sad figure" or "whack job" or some other derogatory description. A herd mentality can be seen throughout the right wing blogosphere, with all the me-too bloggers piling on in an attempt to make themselves appear righteous and enlightened.  So on the eve of the ninth anniversary of Islam's attack on America, we have countless conservative bloggers rushing to protect the Koran and show respect and deference to the ideology that brought down the Twin Towers and murdered 3,000 Americans.

Few conservative bloggers have discussed the content of the Koran, the violent dogmas of Islam, or the reason to burn or not to burn  the Koran.  They have simply declared it "wrong" without saying why, or by mouthing some inane observation that book burning is "lame" or "ignorant."  Apparently, whenever a vile dogma is written down and published in a book, that vile dogma becomes somehow sacrosanct and untouchable.  Who made up that rule?

Yesterday I bought a cheap paperback copy of the Koran.  Today I will put it in my fire pit and apply a lighted match to the rotten little book, the source of millions of deaths and countless crimes against humanity.  And if you think that is wrong then you are the one who is willfully ignorant.



Stogie said...

<span>Bonjour Stogie , excellent article , et je partage complètement votre révolte ! Mes enfants et moi pensons à vous Américains  en cette si triste journée du souvenir ... </span>

Stogie said...

Kate says:  Hi Stogie, excellent article, and I completely share your disgust.  My children and I are thinking of your Americans on this sad day of remembrance.

Stogie Replies:  Thank you Kate.  I always appreciate your support.

Stogie said...

I just think the book burning is fighting fire with fire—what's the point if not to provocate? Better still to continue lampooning their 'religion' and educating people to the evils of their backwards political ideology disguised as a pedo moon cult.I can see your point though and to an extent I agree. People are quick to jump on the bandwagon because no one ants to tote an unpopular stance.

Stogie said...

What's wrong with fighting fire with fire?  Psy-ops can be an effective tool against a determined enemy.  

Anonymous said...

And I have linked your fine Burning right here: