Monday, September 20, 2010

"Far Right" Anti-Immigration Party Wins Seats In Swedish Parliament

A conservative political party in Sweden has won seats in Parliament for the first time.  The U.K. Telegraph whines:
When Swedes vote on Sunday Mr Åkesson's anti-immigrant party will almost certainly win its first seats at a general election - and has even been predicted to come third with 7.5 per cent of the vote, according to one poll.

That would be enough to give them 28 seats out of a total of 349 in the Riksdag, Stockholm's parliament, ahead of five more established parties, and hold the balance of power.

It is the sort of far Right success that has been seen several times across Europe this year, and a prospect has struck fear in the hearts of Sweden's usually moderate voters who never thought they would see extremists get anywhere near power.
The Sweden Democrat Party is opposed to Islamic immigration into Sweden. The party's leader, one Jimmie Akesson, has called Islam "the biggest threat to Sweden since the Second World War." Akesson has also charged that immigrant Muslims are responsible for an increase in rapes in Sweden, and for draining public benefits away from Swedish pensioners.

In short, Akesson has merely observed the same results as other European nations who have opened the doors to Muslim immigration. For being straight and direct about the problem, he and his party have been labeled as "Far Right" and "extremist." However Muslims, practitioners of a hostile and violent ideology, are treated as a sacred tribe of Dalai Lamas, to whom are owed great deference and respect, and for whom any hint of criticism or disapproval is strictly forbidden. Never, never, never criticize, ban or oppose "the other," even if that "other" wants to subvert your laws, culture and physical safety.

The liberal brain is hard-wired for self destruction. Liberals always insist that any survival instinct among the populace be immediately and ruthlessly stamped out. The problem, however is not intolerance of the merely different, but the rejection of an unassimilable and antagonistic alien culture. 21st century western mores and 7th century Bedouin mores cannot live peacefully side by side; they are fundamentally opposed to one another. Therefore, halting or severely limiting Muslim immigration into western democracies is not an act of "extremism" or bigotry, but one of legitimate self interest.

Read the article at this link.

Hat tip: View From the Right

Update:  Found this video at Blogmocracy about the Swedish Democrats:
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