Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Son's Biker Road Pictures: Yosemite National Park

My son, who calls himself Stogie Jr or Dooj, is here from Washington state. He rode his Harley through parts of Idaho, Nevada (where he stopped by to see his uncle, Bro) and then on to California. He biked through Yosemite National Park and took some great pictures. Here are some of them.
Yosemite National Park, Northern California
Junior's Harley ("Elvis") Overlooking Yosemite National Park

Idaho Sunflower


Stogie said...

These pictures are beautiful...they bring back memories of several summers spent in Yosemite - such a beautiful place. California is truly God's country ruled by Satan's kindred, it is heart breaking how beautiful the myriad landscapes that adorn our state are, but then how horrible many aspects of this state have evolved into.

Thanks for sharing the pics....

Stogie said...

Thanks LCR.  Yes, California is very beautiful, though ruled by political morons.