Sunday, September 12, 2010

People Who Object to Islamic Mass Murder Are Merely Ignorant or Bigoted

For the past day or so I have been corresponding with an American Muslim woman, Fleur, who wanted to know why I am so opposed to Islam.  I told her and then she began to tell me how "ignorant" and "bigoted" I am.  Yes, I really oppose Islam only because Muslims are different.  Fourteen centuries of Islamic mass murder throughout the world has nothing to do with it.  I should ignore my own lying eyes and the countless dead bodies and believe Fleur instead.

The problem for Fleur is that I am not ignorant.  I am very well read on Islam, its doctrines, history and practices. Fleur, like so many Muslims, simply close their eyes to the elephant in the room, i.e. Islamic violence.  They pretend that it does not exist and are quite perturbed when you point it out.  It's so impolite, like pointing out a huge wart on the end of someone's nose.

I will agree with Fleur that I am quite biased against Islam.  I am not too crazy about Jew-gassing Nazis or Ukranian-starving communists either.  Nor do I particularly like cannibals, head hunters and practitioners of human sacrifice.  (I'm SO ASHAMED!) As Thomas Mann said, "Tolerance, when applied to evil, becomes a crime."

William Teach at Pirate's Cove has an excellent post along these same lines today.  His post is about a Muslim professor who, like Fleur, says that people concerned about Islam are merely "ignorant."  Teach replies:
Got that? It’s not because you are a hater of people who stone women, whip women, hang gays, want to exterminate Jews and Israel, among others, and, oh, yeah, let’s not forget fly hijack planes into buildings to kill civilians. No, it’s because you are just too stupid to understand Islam.
He later adds:
See? You’re stupid. If only you truly knew about Islam, you’d submit. Which, of course, is what Islam means. Submission to Allah. Submission to Sharia law. To women being second class citizens, whipped for being seen in public with a man other than their father or husband. To being married off as a young teen. To killing the unbeliever. To…..well, actually, you know what Islam stands for. And when we call the hardcores “extremists,” really, they aren’t. The ones we call moderates are actually the extremists, for failing to follow the full word of Mohammed.
That last sentence is exactly what I told Fleur last night. If she is a moderate Muslim, fine, but she should realize that she is partly apostasized for failing to fully follow the commandments of her pirate prophet.  The terrorists are the true Muslims, carrying out the dictates of Muhammad to the letter.

Read it all here.

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